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Undergraduate Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

UniversityNational Chiao Tung University

MajorComputer use

I’ve been in Taiwan for almost two years. Since I come from a country that is culturally similar to Taiwan, I haven’t experienced much culture shock while being here. Also, because I previously studied Chinese, I was able to quickly adjust to life here and got accustomed to the new environment. Because of this, I feel like language played an important role in me living abroad.

My main purpose for coming to Taiwan is to study; this is very important to me. Although my classes are a bit stressful, I’ve really learned a lot especially considering the fact that what I studied before has no relation to what I’m studying now. I’ve received a lot of help from my professors and friends along the way. Since, there are many international students at my university, I have the opportunity to have classes with people from all over the world as we learn from one another. My circle of friends gradually becomes big, and I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. The university also has an abundance of resources that are offered to students which meet their academic and leisurely needs, and make our student life much more enjoyable.