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Undergraduate U.S.A.

Cameron Miller

University Feng Chia University

MajorInternational trade

My name is Cameron Miller and I am from California. I am currently a Sophomore at Feng Chia University in the Bachelors of International Business Administration Program (BIBA). Studying abroad is quite a bit different than back home in California. But I can honestly say as a whole, it has been a positive experience. Taiwan is an amazing place full of amazing places and even more amazing people. Sure, everyone will have to deal with culture shock or language barriers, but this is the place to get over those fears.

The BIBA program at Feng Chia University has a wide variety of international professors with an array of experiences in life, travel, teaching, and business. Some of my professors have worked in the USA, Japan, China, all over Europe, and even one worked a year in Malawi, Africa. The teachers use a variety of methods to encourage learning outcomes and this style helps better prepare me as a businessman to learn about different cultures and their different methods.

Studying abroad can be challenging, but from my experience, it is often my own fault. Asking questions is key in making sure you are understanding all the processes for selecting or dropping courses, or if you are having trouble in a course. At times, it really is shocking (in a good way) how much teachers are willing to help me.

I live in a great country, I go to a good school, I eat amazing food everyday, all while earning a degree. Life is wonderful.