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Graduate Mexico

Mario Moreno Guerrero

University Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

MajorInternational trade

Mario Moreno Guerrero is a Mexico student currently studying at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Tainan, Taiwan. Three years ago, he came to Taiwan to learn Chinese for 6 months. After Mario went back and graduated from college, he realized that he fell in love with Taiwan. Therefore, he came to Taiwan again, and right now, he is pursuing the Master of Global Master of Business Administration.

Mario told us that he must be the very lucky person to study in Taiwan. Now he can speak Mandarin Chinese quite well, and make a lot of nice Taiwanese friends. The most important thing is that he can try every delicious Taiwan street food.

Mario said, “Studying in Taiwan is such a wonderful journey which makes me a better student, a better son, and the most importantly, a better man.”