Study in Taiwan Learning plus Adventure

How to apply

There are 57 Chinese Language Centers located at colleges and universities throughout Taiwan, offering classes year-round. These learning centers provide a variety of courses for students of all levels of proficiency. The instruction and teaching materials are top-notch and designed to help students achieve their language goals. Outside of class, students will have innumerable opportunities to practice reading Chinese characters and speaking Mandarin with the friendly citizens of Taiwan. Imagine being able to practice what you’ve just learned with native speakers on campus, in coffee shops, convenience stores or dance clubs! With its wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, Taiwan truly is an ideal place to learn Mandarin!

Step1 Choosing a Mandarin Chinese Language Center

Decide to which Chinese learning center you would like to apply.There are several ways to obtain information about each of the language centers in Taiwan.

Step2 Determine the class

Each Chinese Language Center provides a variety of courses for students of all levels of proficiency.

Step3 Check when applications are due and make sure the period of instruction fits your schedule.

Step4 Submit your application

Step5 If you are accepted, you will receive a formal letter of admission