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Taiwan is an ideal place for international students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese, also called Mandarin, Huayu, Guoyu, Hanyu, Putonghua, and Zhongwen in Chinese-speaking communities around the world, and Modern Standard Chinese. Taiwan is also an ideal place to learn to read and write Chinese characters, something that will enable you to communicate, in writing, with people who speak other Chinese dialects. The traditional character forms are still used in Taiwan. Learning these is essential for any student who plans to become a translator and they allow you to more fully appreciate the Chinese language, across the centuries.

7Reasons for
Learning Chinese
in Taiwan

  1. Be immersed in a Traditional Chinese characters environment
  2. Diverse courses
  3. Available scholarships
  4. A repository of Chinese culture
  5. A safe society
  6. Easy to reach, a great place to travel
  7. Work while you study