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Reasons for
Learning Chinese
in Taiwan

The Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan has for many years been home to numerous institutions devoted to the study of the Chinese Language. Perhaps this is one reason why the number of foreign students coming to the ROC for all levels of language study has been increasing for so long.

Students find that in addition to being able to enjoy the benifits of language training facilities, there is a much to be learned from experiencing the blend of tradition and modernity found in Taiwan. Students can simultaneously observe Traditional Chinese culture as well as enjoy the advantages of a modern, developed society. This, combined with ease of association with native speakers, is enough to make the ROC a fine chinese language learning environment.



  • 2017-08-04 EVENTS New South Bound

    Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest: The educational adventure Every student wants to explore

    The finished product will be judged by a committee of the specialists for its creativity, theme, appearance and functions. To finish the project in such a short time, attendances must make use of what they learn at school, their physical endurance and good team work skill to work out strategies and meet the requirements of the main project within the 72-hour period.

  • 2017-06-21 EVENTS New South Bound

    2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition

    Encourage international creative design exchange, develop creative design talents, express the international image of Taiwan attaching great importance to creative design, and establish the international design status of Taiwan.

That's Why We
Study in Taiwan